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What Does Criminal Defense Law Encompass?

Criminal defense is very broad area of law and includes everything from minor traffic offenses, to capital murder. While most people think they are not criminals, almost everyone has been charged with a misdemeanor traffic offense like speeding, and according to a 2017 University of Georgia study, about 8% of the population has a felony conviction. That means about 26.3 million of Americans have a felony record including about 248,000 Nevadans who have been convicted of a felony. That is simply too many.
So, why are there so many convictions? Well, a large part of the blame falls on the increase in crime caused by greed, anger, jealousy, desperation, family breakdown, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, short-sightedness, poor education, etc. While it is true that personal responsibility is important, if a person makes a mistake the government is very unlikely to “give them a break”. Also, if a person claims they are wrongfully charged, the government rarely even listens to the explanation. Believe it or not, the prosecutor’s job is not to convict; it is to do substantial justice. Unlike private attorneys and criminal defenders, the prosecutor is not required to be a zealous advocate in seeking convictions. This distinction is lost on many (if not most) prosecutors these days. More and more the over-zealous desire to convict at the prosecutor’s offices results in their refusal to dismiss weak or unjust charges, in over-charging or double-charging, and in refusing to offer reasonable plea deals. To compound the problem, the prosecutors’ offices work directly with the police and the crime labs. The government has unlimited money, unlimited resources, public support, and most of the law on their side. As a result, the government can almost always out-spend and out-last most defendants.
But not all is lost. Sometimes demanding that the prosecutors follow the law makes a difference. Demanding that the system protects the constitutional rights of the citizens is important. Knowing when and how to push back can make all the difference in the world.

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