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What Does Family Law Encompass?

Family law is quite broad and includes a lot more than divorce cases. It addresses the most important and emotionally sensitive aspect of our lives. It includes everything from adoptions and name changes, to custody battles, and divorce. Like each family, each family law case is very different and complicated. There are so many pitfalls that an inexperienced family attorney could fall into. Are you or your spouse in the military? Do you or your spouse have a pension? Did you or your spouse buy a home before you got married? Are you a blended family? Do you or your spouse own a business? Do you or your spouse receive tips as part of your wages? Are you or your spouse alleging domestic violence? Do you have teenage children who are claiming that they have “teenage preference”? Do you or your spouse wish to move out of state with the minor children? Do you own property in another state? Do you have a special needs child? All of these circumstances can create serious legal issues that are a dangerous minefield for the inexperienced family law lawyer in Nevada.

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How Does Community Property Related to Family Law Cases in Nevada?

As you may have heard, Nevada is a community property state, which means that Nevada divorce law tries to allow people to keep the assets and debts that they took into the marriage, and to only divide up the assets and debts that they acquired during the marriage. While that sounds simple, it is in fact very complex, because we rarely keep the debts and assets we obtained before marriage completely separated from our activities and income we earn during the marriage. This creates issues of transmutation of separate property into community property, and apportionment of assets which are part separate-property and part community-property. These complex issues apply to homes, bank accounts, cars, 401k accounts, IRA accounts, and most importantly to pensions.
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